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Autism Assessment

Diagnosis of Autism is based on a full assessment which utilizes the “Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule” (ADOS) alongside an evaluation that includes:To formally identify and diagnose autism, we use ADOS & ADIR assessments along with comprehensive evaluations.

The interview with school (teachers, SENCO) and classroom observation gives an evaluation on the child’s verbal skills as well as their non-verbal gestures. It also reviews any physical issues that need attention such like communication difficulties in noisy environments or when there are distractions around them which could hinder successful interactions between teachers/ classmates

School and family members can expect a full report following the assessment with recommendations for improvement. A telephone debrief is also offered within this package, so you’ll be able to share your thoughts immediately without any interruption or distractions!

Any Autism assessment carried out by  our Centre’s team complies fully with the NICE guidelines (National Institute for Clinical Excellence).  If You have any questions donot hesitate to contact us.

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