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About Us

About ADHD ASD Doctor It's much more than just a diagnosis

Starting with your child we know what each parent’s family goes through in managing a kid with adhd or asd. We are well aware as a parent that you want the best, for maybe for your child. You have come to the right place and made the right choice to make your child’s journey as comfortable as possible. We completely understand that it was a tough decision. But here’s a few things that we would strive for.

  • ADHD Treatment that is par excellence, to the highest medical and clinical standards
  • Our ADHD Treatment plans are  focused on getting your child’s ADHD under control as early as we can and safely as we can 
  • You get Access to your child’s  ADHD treatment programme plan  beyond your child’s ADHD diagnosis. Every child gets an individualized treatment plan.
  • We offer you a wide variety  of ADHD treatment packages for your kid so that you could pick the right package that suits your child’s needs. 
  • We offer various payment plans which can be discussed with us prior to the appointment.
  • We are not a center where we just suggest medication as the only option but discuss alternative treatment options at the end of consultation.
  • Our ASD assessment follows a similar pattern to ADHD assessments and you can find more details in the asd section.

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